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Rui Serodio e a solidariedade vinda de Jenny Brice, do outro lado do Atlântico, graças à música

O desaparecimento da figura e da criatividade de Rui Serodio continuam a gerar reacções, algumas delas chegadas via net. Aqui está uma, vinda desde os Estados Unidos, de Jenny Brice, que partilhou com o Rui os gostos musicais.

Dear Mr. Joao Reis Ribeiro.
I am writing to share my grief in learning of the death of my dear friend Rui Serodio. I read your blog with the beautiful tributes to Rui and I just wanted to reach out to someone who knew and loved him.
I am a singer and songwriter from Bellingham, Washington in the US. Rui and I met on a music website called "New Age Music Circle" in May 2009. We wrote to each other almost daily for 2 1/2 years. In that time we shared our life stories, music, poetry, thoughts and humor and became very dear friends.
I last heard from Rui September 17th when he wrote to tell me he would be entering the hospital due to debilitating back pain. He assured me that he would contact me as soon as he was home again. After several weeks of no news I began to fear the worst, and my fears were confirmed on October 23rd as I searched the internet for any news of him. As I read his death announcement on the screen I was completely devastated. I can't begin to express the deep sadness I feel in having lost such a dear friend. He and I were kindred spirits and I miss him terribly.
Rui sent me close to 80 pieces of music in the time I knew him. He would send me his music and I would suggest titles, offer my insight and give feedback. It seemed his creativity was endless. We even collaborated on one piece of music that I wrote. I sent him a voice track and he created a piano version and put my voice behind it. I plan to release it sometime within the next year. I am attaching the last song he sent to me [trata-se de "Good night my baby", a última peça que o Rui terá composto e que enviou aos amigos no final de Agosto, já referida pelo Jorge Calheiros no texto de homenagem que aqui se publicou.]
Here is a link to another music website where Rui and I were linked as friends. It was called Conscious Creativity. You can see his name listed under my "Friends." I have also included my music website.
I sincerely hope that I have not imposed on you in any way by contacting you. It just felt important for me to reach out and let you know that I share in your sadness and love for the beautiful man that was Rui Serodio.
Jenny Brice

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